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EcoFlame NP-3000

EcoFlame NP-3000 is a halogen free fire retardant blend, and it is featured by outstanding thermal stability and compatibility. This phosphorous-nitrogen based specialty chemical is specifically fabricated to impart flame resistance to polyolefin, such as PP, PE, TPO, etc.

Technical Data
Item Specification
Appearance White powder
Moisture (%) 0.25
Particle size (μm) 10 Max.
Density (g/cm3) 1.3-1.4
Decomposition temperature (°C) 300 Min.

TGA Analysis (Heating at 20°C/min)
1. Weight lose at 225°C: 1%
2. Weight lose at 235°C: 3%
3. Weight lose at 245°C: 5%

Recommended Processing Parameters
1. A twin-screw extruder is preferred when compared with other types.
2. EcoFlame NP-3000 is applied at a loading level of 28%-32%, and special treatment is not necessary before use.
3. The processing temperature should not be higher than 200°C, and the recommended value is 180-190°C. If the temperature is over 210°C, discoloration and gas emission may take place.
4. A-174 or other silane coupling agents could be used to improve the dispersibility of our product.
5. Titanium dioxide or other standard colorants won’t degrade the final performance of this smoke suppressant, while zinc borate will.

EcoFlame NP-3000 is packed inside 20kg craft paper bags with PE inliner, and other packages are also provided to fit for every customer’s needs. The shipping weight is 16MT/20'FCL.

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