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    1. EcoWatertech Cl-90 (Sodium Chlorite)

      As an effective water treatment biocide, this chemical compound also fits for water treatment industry. More specifically, it is used to carry out pre-oxidation and disinfection operations for drinking water, cooling water and waste water.

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    1. EcoWatertech B-241 (BCDMH)EcoWatertech B-241 is primarily applied for the sterilization process of various kinds of water, including oilfield fluid, spring water, hospital sewage, industrial circulating water as well as water used in home, hotel, warehouse, aquaculture, swimming pool, medical facility, epidemic-stricken area, food processing industry, etc.
    1. EcoWatertech Cl-67 (Chlorine Dioxide Disinfectant)Our chemical disinfectant is released into water when use, but this process is not limited by water because a quantitative high-purity ClO2 will be formed when the tablet comes into contact with water, thus completely avoiding unnecessary operations while ensuring that all the active ingredients are dissolved.
    1. EcoWatertech B-200 (Bronopol)

      This anti-microbial agent is applicable for a wide range of materials and water, such as algae, paint, plastic, paper pulp, industrial circulating water, timber-cooling circulating water, etc.

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    1. EcoWatertech Cl-219 (SDIC)As a kind of chemical disinfectant, this product is able to sterilize drinking water, industrial water, swimming pool, tableware, house, hotel, hospital and public places.
      This chemical compound can be used for environmental sterilization in raising fish, silkworm, livestock and poultry.
    1. EcoWatertech Cl-232 (TCCA)TCCA is the common name for EcoWatertech Cl-232, and it is an organic compound with the formula of C3O3N3Cl3. It is commonly applied to sterilize drinking water, swimming pool as well as industrial circulating water, and it may also work as a deodorant or decontaminant.

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