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EcoFlame S-336 (Potassium 3-(Phenylsulfonyl)Benzenesulfonate)

1. Chemical Name: Potassium 3-(Phenylsulfonyl) Benzenesulfonate
2. Product Code: EcoFlame S-336
3. Equivalent Brand: Arichem KSS-FR
4. CAS No.: 63316-43-8
5. Molecular Formula: C12H9KO5S2
6. Molecular Weight: 336.0

What is EcoFlame S-336?
It refers to potassium 3-(phenylsulfonyl)benzenesulfonate, and it is a potassium salt of diphenyl sulfone sulfonate. More exactly, it is the potassium salt of a complex of diphenyl sulfone sulfonate and diphenyl sulfone disulfonate. So, it is also known as potassium diphenylsulfone sulfonate.

What is it used for?
As a halogen free flame retardant, our product is able to provide remarkable flame retardant performance for polycarbonate at a very low loading level, typically less than 1% by weight in a PC formulation. Moreover, the PC thermoplastics will keep its transparent look as always.

How to use it?
In order to get the best result, EcoFlame S-336 should be dispersed into masterbatches with 10% or higher concentration at first, and then compounded into final product, namely flame retardant plastics. In addition, the dispersion process can be conducted by typical PC processing machines.

Technical Data
Test item Specification
Appearance White powder
KSS by HPLC (%) 70~80
DKSS by HPLC (%) 18~24
DPS by HPLC (%) 0.50 Max.
Iron (ppm) 5.0 Max.
Isomers and unknowns by HPLC (%) 5.0 Max.
PH 6.5~7.3
Granularity (mesh) 200 Max.
Color by Pt-Co scale 30 Max.
Sulphate (%) 2.5 Max.
Moisture (%) 1.5 Max.

EcoFlame S-336 is packed in 20kg paper bags with Al foil lining, and 25 bags are placed on one pallet. The shipping weight is 10MT/20'FCL.

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