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EcoFlame NP-4000

EcoFlame NP-4000 is particularly designed and manufactured to fit for TPE, EVA, TPO, TPU, SEBS, EPDM and other products. This eco-friendly flame retardant blend offers a halogen free solution when good flame retardancy is required by the abovementioned materials, because it can generate a layer of intumescent carbon to insulate air.

1. This is a low-smoke, non-hygroscopic and highly efficient flame retardant.
2. With the help of this specialty chemical, the finished plastics exhibits high elongation, low density as well as good impact strength, but it won’t be sticky or slippery after getting wet.
3. EcoFlame NP-4000 is able to withstand a high temperature of up to 230°C, indicating that it has excellent thermal stability. Moreover, it is also characterized by remarkable compatibility which means it has little influence over the physical property of finished plastic products.
4. This low-toxic flame retardant differs from other similar products in the following properties: better UV resistance, lower water solubility and improved thermal stability.

Technical Data
Item Specification
Appearance White powder
Moisture (%) 0.5 Max.
Phosphorus (%) 17-22
Particle size (μm) 10 Max.
Decomposition temperature (°C) 280 Min.

In order to make the base material conform to UL 94 V0 @ 1.6mm, a proper amount of EcoFlame NP-4000 should be added, and the table below gives some recommended dosage rates for different applications.

Recommended Dosage Rate
Base material Dosage rate without PTFE Dosage rate with 0.2% PTFE
TPE 28% Min. 25% Min.
EVA 28% Min. 25% Min.

Our product is packed in 25kg paper bags with PE inliner, and please remember not to put our product together with strong oxidant or hot alkali liquor. When working, keep an eye on dust pollution and labor safety.

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