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EcoFlame S-1000

EcoFlame S-1000 is a sulfonate-based chemical additive used to improve the flame resistance of PC and corresponding materials. It is a mixture of aromatic sulfonates, and it is manufactured through our high-purity sulfonation technology.

This non-halogenated fire retardant fits well for translucent and opaque PC and PC/ABS applications, but it is not suitable for transparent PC. On the other hand, it could help to cut down the dosage rate of phosphate ester which is another kind of additive used to enhance the flame retardant performance of PC/ABS.

Technical Data
Test item Specification
Appearance White powder
Color (APHA) 30 Max.
PH 6.5~7.3
SO42- 1.0 Max.
Volatile (%) 1.5 Max.
Iron (ppm) 5 Max.
Granularity (mesh) 20

Loading Level
Sulfonate content plays an important role in deciding flame resistance, and the active sulfonate content of EcoFlame S-1000 is much higher than that of potassium perfluorobutyl sulfonate (KPBS) and other existing sulfonate-based flame retardants.

In order to meet UL 94 V0 flame retardant requirements at a specimen thickness of 1.6mm, our halogen-free flame retardant is often applied at a loading level of less than 0.2%. The following two formulations are for PC and PC/ABS applications, respectively.

Table 1: Loading Level for PC
Formulation component Loading (%)
PC (6MFI) 99.7
EcoFlame S-1000 0.1
PTFE (anti-drip) 0.2
Table 2: Loading Level for PC/ABS
Formulation component Loading (%)
PC/ABS (75/25) 90.0
EcoFlame S-1000 0.2
PTFE (anti-drip) 0.2
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