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EcoFlame NP-2000

EcoFlame NP-2000 is an eco-friendly flame retardant blend especially designed to fit for PA6, PBT and TPU applications, and it could form a layer of intumescent carbon to keep the aforementioned plastics away from coming into contact with air. Our product is widely thought to be a low-smoke, low-toxic and highly-efficient additive.

1. Our product is able to provide splendid flame resistance as predetermined at a low dosage rate.
2. Due to the outstanding thermal stability, this chemical additive can be processed several times while maintaining its flame resistance and strength. Moreover, it also shows remarkable dispersibility and good compatibility with resin.
3. This smoke suppressant is a white powder. So, it can be mixed with different kinds of pigments without deteriorating the coloring performance of the pigment.
4. EcoFlame NP-2000 possesses good weather resistance, and it won’t get degraded when exposed to UV.
5. This non-halogenated flame retardant is in accordance with RoHS, REACH, WEEE and IEC 61249-2-21 standards.

Technical Data
Item Specification
Appearance White powder
Moisture (%) 0.25
Particle size (μm) 10 Max.
Density (g/cm3) 1.3-1.4
Decomposition temperature (°C) 300 Min.

When using EcoFlame NP-2000, there are some recommended processing parameters for different methods.

1. PBT Extrusion
a. Pre-dry humidity: <0.05% or lower if required, and our product can be dried for 4 hours at 120°C.
b. Melting temperature: <250°C
c. Heating block temperature: 210-240°C
d. Mixing requirement: Keep materials well mixed, and use moderate processing condition (low shearing force and short stick time).

2. Injection Molding with Standard Mold
a. Melting temperature: 220/225/230°C
b. Mold temperature: 60°C
c. Injection speed: From low speed to middle speed
d. Backpressure: 300Kpa

3. Injection Molding with Complicated Mold
a. Melting temperature: 230/235/240°C
b. Mold temperature: 70°C
c. Injection speed: From middle speed to low speed
d. Backpressure: 300Kpa
e. Pre-dry requirement: 120-140°C, 4-6 hours

EcoFlame NP-2000 is packed in 20kg paper bags with PE inliner, and please remember not to put our product together with strong oxidant or hot alkali liquor. When working, keep an eye on dust pollution and labor safety.

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