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Halogen Free Flame Retardant

    1. EcoFlame S-336 (Potassium 3-Phenylsulfonyl Benzenesulfonate)As a halogen free flame retardant, our product is able to provide remarkable flame retardant performance for polycarbonate at a very low loading level, typically less than 1% by weight in a PC formulation. Moreover, the PC thermoplastics will keep its transparent look as always.
    1. EcoFlame S-1000This non-halogenated fire retardant fits well for translucent and opaque PC and PC/ABS applications, but it is not suitable for transparent PC. On the other hand, it could help to cut down the dosage rate of phosphate ester which is another kind of additive used to enhance the flame retardant performance of PC/ABS.
    1. EcoFlame APP201 (Ammonium Polyphosphate)EcoFlame APP201 belongs to the family of ammonium polyphosphate, and more specifically, it is crystal phase II APP (APP II). This fine particle is manufactured through a special process, and it is white, non-hygroscopic and non-flammable.
    1. EcoFlame APP202 (Ammonium Polyphosphate)On account of its low water solubility, our product is particularly suitable as an additive to polymers or intumescent coatings for exterior application.
      This phosphorous-based non-halogenated fire retardant could deliver good flame retardant
    1. EcoFlame APP204 (Ammonium Polyphosphate)This phosphorous based smoke suppressant exhibits excellent electrical insulation property, and it can be added into a base material in order to meet the UL 94 V0 flame retardant requirements.
    1. EcoFlame NP-1000As a kind of halogen free flame retardant blend, EcoFlame NP-1000 is especially developed and manufactured to offer good flame retardant effectiveness to polypropylene products. Our product is a phosphorous-nitrogen based chemical additive, and it is also characterized by remarkable thermal stability and compatibility.
    1. EcoFlame NP-2000Our product is able to provide splendid flame resistance as predetermined at a low dosage rate.
      Due to the outstanding thermal stability, this chemical additive can be processed several times while maintaining its flame resistance and strength. Moreover, it also shows remarkable dispersibility and good compatibility with resin.
    1. EcoFlame NP-3000EcoFlame NP-3000 is a halogen free fire retardant blend, and it is featured by outstanding thermal stability and compatibility. This phosphorous-nitrogen based specialty chemical is specifically fabricated to impart flame resistance to polyolefin, such as PP, PE, TPO, etc.
    1. EcoFlame NP-4000This is a low-smoke, non-hygroscopic and highly efficient flame retardant.
      With the help of this specialty chemical, the finished plastics exhibits high elongation, low density as well as good impact strength, but it won’t be sticky or slippery after getting wet.
    1. EcoFlame MCA8 (Melamine Cyanurate)Being a kind of halogen free flame retardant, EcoFlame MCA8 is particularly suitable to make unfilled polyamide 6 and 6.6 meet the flame retardant requirements of UL 94 V0.
    1. EcoFlame MCA15EcoFlame MCA15 is commonly used as a non-halogenated chemical additive in the formulation of unfilled polyamide 6 and 6.6, thereby making these materials satisfy the flame retardant requirements of UL 94 V0.
    1. EcoFlame MCA25EcoFlame MCA25 belongs to the family of melamine cyanurate, and it is a commonly used flame retardant for polyamide. This product could offer good flame resistance for nylon 6 and 6.6 to make them in accordance with UL 94 V0.

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