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Halogenated Flame Retardant

    1. EcoFlame B-959 (Decabromodiphenyl Oxide)Due to its excellent overall performance and cost effectiveness, this chemical additive is a prime candidate for a great number of products, such as elastomer, wire, cable, textile coating, business machine, television cabinet, etc. Moreover, our product is especially suitable for polyolefin, styrene, polyamide, HIPS and polyester resin.
    1. EcoFlame B-971 (1,2-Bis(Pentabromophenyl) Ethane)

      As a result of its remarkable resistance to ultraviolet, this halogenated fire retardant is often applied at conditions where color stability is a must.
      Our product is characterized by good thermal stability and low blooming property, and hence it fits for flame retardant systems where recycling is scheduled.

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    1. EcoFlame B-641 (Hexabromocyclododecane)

      EcoFlame B-641 is in powder or granule form. As a highly brominated cyclo-aliphatic flame retardant, it offers good flame retardancy at a low dosage rate while having little influence over the physical properties of base polymer.

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    1. EcoFlame B-943 (Tetrabromobisphenol A Bis (Dibromopropyl Ether))Our product is widely used to offer good flame retardancy to resin, rubber, fiber, PP (homopolymer and copolymer), high impact polystyrene (HIPS), high molecular material, etc. In addition, this additive flame retardant has been proven to be the best one for PP plastics.
    1. EcoFlame B-951 (1,2-Bis(Tetrabromophthalimido) Ethane)Aside from abovementioned good thermal stability, this bromine-based specialty chemical is also non-blooming. As a result, our product can be adopted in polyolefin films as well as other critical applications where good heat sealability is extremely necessary.
    1. EcoFlame B-901 (Brominated Polystyrene)

      Our product exhibits unrivalled thermal stability and electrical property, making it the perfect choice for high temperature applications, such as polyesters (PET, PBT, PCT), polyamides (nylons) and other engineering plastics. In addition, this brominated chemical additive is non-blooming.

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    1. EcoFlame B-245 (Tris(Tribromophenyl) Cyanurate)Our product is a combination of aromatic bromine and cyanurate, thereby ensuring good flame retardant effectiveness and splendid thermal stability. Moreover, it possesses good flowability, and it is resistant to UV, impact as well as blooming.
    1. EcoFlame B-463 (Tetrabromophthalic Anhydride)As a reactive flame retardant, EcoFlame B-463 is able to provide good flame retardancy for unsaturated polyester and epoxy resin.
      Our product can work as an additive burning-resistant agent as well, which makes it suitable for polystyrene, polypropylene, ABC resin, etc.
    1. EcoFlame B-972EcoFlame B-972 is a type of high performance additive flame retardant that has little influences on the physical property of products. It also boasts good thermal properties and good stability when exposed to the ultra violet.
    1. EcoFlame B-1025 (Poly Pentabromobenzyl Acrylate)EcoFlame B-1025 is an aromatic polymaric retardant agent with high bromine content and good thermal performance. It is widely applied in engineering thermoplastic materials, PET, PBT, PA and styrol copolymer.
    1. EcoFlame B-627 (Tetrabromophthalic Anhydride Based Diol)The EcoFlame B-627 is used as the intermediary retardant agent with a light amber thick liquid appearance. It is mainly used for the manufacturing of B1 and B2 type of PUR. Products with EcoFlame B-627 burns with less smoke and at less spreading speed.
    1. Ecoflame B-1067EcoFlame B-1067 is a brominated cyanurate, one of our proprietary additive flame-retardant chemicals. The combination of aromatic bromine and cyanurate provides high FR efficiency and good thermal stability.
    1. EcoFlame B-627EcoFlame B-967 is a highly effective flame-retardant chemical. The white powder offers outstanding thermal and UV stability and it is non-blooming.
    1. EcoFlame B-627EcoFlame B-701 flame retardant provides an excellent thermal stability and electrical performance, making it an ideal solution for high temperature applications, including engineering plastics polyesters (PET, PCT, PBT) and polyamides (nylons).
    1. EcoFlame B-627EcoFlame B-624 is an aromatic brominated flame retardant that is a particularly suitable additive flame retardant for use in EPS and foam polystyrene. The unsaturated end groups provide the unique initiation of the flame retardant performance.

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