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EcoFlame B-701

EcoFlame B-701

Chemical Name: Brominated Polystyrene
Brand Name: EcoFlame B-701
Equivalent Brand:
CAS NO.: 88497-56-7
Chemical formula: (C8H5.3Br2.7)n   
Molecular Weight: Oligomer
Chemical Structure:
EcoFlame B-701

EcoFlame B-701 flame retardant provides an excellent thermal stability and electrical performance, making it an ideal solution for high temperature applications, including engineering plastics polyesters (PET, PCT, PBT) and polyamides (nylons).
EcoFlame B-701 flame retardant is non-blooming in all applications.

Technical Data Sheet
Items Specification Analysis result
Appearance: White pellet/powder White powder
Bromine content % 66.00 min 66.6
Melting point ℃ 200 204
LOD % 0.3 max 0.15

EcoFlame B-701 was packed in 25kg paper bag, 40 bags on pallet, Or Jumbo bag, total 20Mt per 20’FCL.

EcoFlame B-701 EcoFlame B-701
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