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EcoWatertech Cl-67 (Chlorine Dioxide Disinfectant)

1. Chemical Name: Chlorine Dioxide
2. Product Code: EcoWatertech Cl-67
3. CAS No.: 10049-04-4
4. Molecular Formula: ClO2
5. Molecular Weight: 67.45

EcoWatertech Cl-67 stands for chlorine dioxide disinfectant, and the ClO2 content is not less than 12%. It is provided in three specifications which are 0.8g/tablet, 12.5g/tablet and 25g/ tablet.

1. Free Activation

Our chemical disinfectant is released into water when use, but this process is not limited by water because a quantitative high-purity ClO2 will be formed when the tablet comes into contact with water, thus completely avoiding unnecessary operations while ensuring that all the active ingredients are dissolved.

2. High Purity
After putting this biocide into water, the produced chlorine dioxide exhibits a high purity, which is 98% or even higher.

3. Rapid Dissolution
It takes about 5-10 minutes for the tablets to be completely dissolved in water.

4. Safe Performance
There won’t be any danger during transportation and storage, and there is no toxic residue after use.

EcoWatertech Cl-67 is commonly used to disinfect industrial circulating water and swimming pool water, and it could eliminate algae as well.

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