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Potassium Nitrate

CAS NO.: 7757-79-1
Chemical formula:KNO3
Molecular weight:101.1
Form:White powder or granular
Composition Indicator:

Item Indicator
KNO3 content 99.4% min
K2O content 46.0% min
Nitrogen content 13.5% min
Chloride ( NaCl ) 0.10% max
Moisture 0.10% max
Insolubility 0.01% max

Features and Application:
The potassium nitrate fertilizer is 100% plant nourishing and fully soluble in water without hazard residues. It has 1:3 nitrogen and potassium composition which can be well absorbed by crops. The agricultural potassium nitrate with a low salt index has good water solvency and has high manual content and high fertilizer efficiency.

The potassium nitrate fertilizer can enhance crop yield and improve quality, making the crops grew well with better disease resistance. It is widely applied in all types of crops and industrial crops. It can be used as base fertilizer as well as topdressing and spraying on the leaves. The potassium nitrate fertilizer can protect plants from drought, coldness, dry and hot wind, lodging, diseases and pests. It can improve crops with nutritional deficiency in the manifestation of rot root, mottle-leaf, wilting, etc, and cultivate bigger fruits with high productivity and high nutrition.

The potassium nitrate can be blended with other types of fertilizer, pesticide, sterilizing agent as well as PGR. It can be spayed before 9am and after 4pm (6pm in summer) and is forbidden in extreme weather such as intense lighting, storming, and strong heat. Hence it can have high fertilizing efficiency without harms on the crops. As crops have different growth period in different soil of different region, the fertilizer suits them may be different. Refer to local farmer technicians for further suggestion. Keep away from heat during transport and storage. Caking occurs for long time inventory but fertilizer efficiency remains the same.

Potassium Nitrate is packed with 25kg plastic bag or paper-plastic bag. We make custom made bags to your specific requirement.

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