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Calcium Ammonium Nitrate

CAS NO. : 15245-12-2
Molecular Weight:1080.71
Form:White granular
Composition Content Indicator:

Item Indicator
Clacium Nitrate 76% min
Ammonia Nitrate 6-10%
Moisture 12-16%
Nitrogen content ( N ) 15.5% min
Nitrate nitrogen 14.4% min
Ammonium nitrogen 1.1% min
Calcium 19.0% min
Insolubility 0.1% max
Fe 0.005% max
Chloride 0.10% max
PO43- 0.05% max
pH 5-7

Calcium ammonium nitrate is a high performance environmental friendly fertilizer. It has a high solubility in water and high manual efficiency. The nutrients such as nitrogen and calcium can be quickly intaken by the crops. The loose soil with calcium ammonium nitrate inside is conducive for the birth of beneficial microorganism which can enhance the disease resistance ability. The crops such as economic corps, flower, fruits and vegetables can grew well with it due to the elongation of flower season. The fruits grow with calcium ammonium nitrate nourishing can have bright color and higher sugar content, increasing the output and profit.
1. Good solubility: instant solvent, easy to absorb and no sediments.
2. The fertilizer full of nitrate nitrogen and solvent calcium can be absorbed by crops directly and quickly. Its fertilizer efficiency is 2-3 times higher than the general ones.
3. It is especially used for the calcium supplement for crops in prevention of calcium deficiency.
4. It is adaptable during the whole growth period. It is especially recommended to the crops in fruiting season or in need of nitrogen or calcium. Large fruits with bright color and top quality can be achieved.

The fertilization can be realized by machine, top-dressing, flushing, trickle irrigation and leave spraying. An average 10-25kg calcium ammonium nitrate per mu can be applied on fruits and 15-30kg on field crops. Dripping and spraying can be conducted at 800-1000 times dilution. The practical usage quantity and frequency depends on the growth conditions of crops on different soils. Fertilization in high frequency is preferred.

1. It should be kept cool and dry. Caking occurs during long-time storage while it remains the same manurial effect.
2. Half-used calcium ammonium nitrate should be sealed for storage.

Calcium ammonium nitrate is packed with 25kg or 1000kg plastic bag. We make custom made bags to your specific requirement.

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