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Magnesium Nitrate

CAS NO.: 13446-18-9
Chemical Formula: Mg(NO3)2·6H2O
Molecular Weight: 256.40
Form: White crystal
Composition Data:

Item Indicator
Magnesium nitrate content 98.0% min
N 10.7% min
Mg 9.18% min
Chloride ( Cl- ) 0.01% max
Insolubility 0.05% min
Ca2+ 0.10% max
PH 4-6

The transparent monoclinic crystal is very soluble in water, ethanol, liquid ammonia and ethyl alcohol. It is stable in 15℃-20℃ temperature and has a relative density of 1.461. It will generate magnesium nitrate above its melting point of 95°C. It dissolves in 300°C temperature and will decompose to magnesium oxide and nitric oxide gas above 400°C.

It can be used as the dehydrant of concentrated nitric acid, catalyst , fogging agent, explosive as well as the raw material of nitrate salt and nitrates.

Calcium nitrate should be packed in 25kg or 1000kg plastic bag. Customized bags are available.

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