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Well Completion Fluids

    1. Calcium Bromide BrineCalcium bromide brine is a single salt (CaBr2) clear brine fluid, and it is a ready-to-use oilfield chemical. Our product is mainly used to formulate workover and completion fluids with densities of 8.4~14.2 pounds per gallon (1007~1702kg/m3).
    1. Calcium Bromide Powder

      This ready-to-use oilfield dry powder is highly soluble and could realize dramatic density increase with minimum volume change, thus forming clear aqueous solutions with density of 8.4-15.3 lb/gal (1007-1833 kg/m3), and the adding rate is only limited by the mixing equipment.

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    1. Calcium Chloride PowderCalcium chloride powder is used to offer fast density increase at low dosage rate, and it eliminates hydration and migration problems of swelling clay. In addition, it could serve as a kind of packer fluid.
      This oilfield chemical is either anhydrous (CaCl2) or comes with combined water (CaCl2∙2H2O), and it is in different forms including prill, powder, granule or flake.
    1. Potassium Formate LiquorThe CHO2K solution eliminates the possibility of formation damage which is usually resulted from the precipitation of carbonate, bicarbonate or sulfate compounds. These compounds can be formed easily when using calcium-base brines at places where there are a lot of bicarbonate and sulfate ions in formation water.
    1. Potassium Formate PowderOur dry potassium formate is designed to make corresponding brine, namely potassium formate liquor which is further applied to form water-based drilling, completion, workover and fracturing liquids with density range of 8.4-13.1 pounds per gallon (1007-1570 kg/m3).
    1. Sodium Bromide BrineThese fluids are extremely suitable for conditions where carbonate ions, bicarbonate ions or sulfate ions exist in a large amount in formations or formation water, because other multivalent fluids will lead to scaling problems.
    1. Sodium Bromide Powder

      What makes this oilfield chemical different from multivalent compounds is that it won’t generate precipitation when there are high concentrations of carbonate ions, bicarbonate ions or sulfate ions in formations or formation water.

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    1. Sodium Formate PowderThe produced NaBr liquid is an assuring shale stabilizer for water-sensitive clay/shale formations and clay-containing sandstones, offering an eco-friendly choice to work instead of chloride brines.