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Calcium Chloride Powder

Function and Classification
Calcium chloride powder is used to offer fast density increase at low dosage rate, and it eliminates hydration and migration problems of swelling clay. In addition, it could serve as a kind of packer fluid.

This oilfield chemical is either anhydrous (CaCl2 ) or comes with combined water (CaCl2 ∙2H2 O), and it is in different forms including prill, powder, granule or flake.

Typical Property
Appearance White prill White powder White granule White flake
Formula CaCl2 CaCl2 CaCl2 CaCl2 ∙2H2 O
Assay (%) 94.0 Min. 94.0 Min. 94.0 Min. 74.0 Min.
Cl- (%) 3.0 Max. 3.0 Max. 3.0 Max. 4.0 Max.
Impurity (%) 1.0 Max. 1.0 Max. 1.0 Max. 1.0 Max.
Moisture (%) 0.5 Max. 0.5 Max. 0.5 Max. -
Particle size 1-4 mm 40-80 mesh 1-7mm -

Calcium chloride powder could be dissolved in water to form single-salt solution with density of up to 11.67 lb/gal (1398kg/m3), and it could be mixed with other brines to generate brine systems of desired density. The most commonly used one is calcium bromide brine, and the final density of brine system is as high as 15.1 lb/gal (1812 kg/m3). For non-aqueous fluids, the treatment depends on the demand of osmotic effect.

Safety and Handling
For safety considerations, personal protective equipment is highly recommended and actually it is a must. Before work, please refer to the precautions illustrated in the MSDS.

Packaging and Storage
Calcium chloride powder is packed in 25kg PP woven bags or 1MT bulk bags.

The container should be closed, and then placed at a dry, well-ventilated area that is away from heat, sparks, flames and incompatible materials. For palletizing, banding, shrink-wrapping and stacking operations, please follow safe warehousing practices.

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